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GAEL’s approach to working with and for a public or private sector organization recognizes the evolving nature of governance and bureaucracy in contemporary society. We start by learning about the culture, orientation and tasks unique to your organization. Through application of effective consultation methods, we work collaboratively to create a smooth partnership.  Read More>

Susan Gesner, President CEO

Susan Gesner GAEL ProfileSusan Gesner, President of Gesner & Associates Environmental Learning (GAEL), an independent consulting firm specializing in environmental facilitation, public consultation and engagement. Susan utilizes her unique blend of environmental knowledge, business acumen, and management skills to motivate and positively influence others through open and honest communication.  Susan’s strengths include her leadership, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to bring teams together for a common goal. Read More>

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To Cell Phone, Or Note to Cell Phone

(July 7, 2017) A hot day means an early dog walk for Roxy, Lucy and myself. I had already gone for my morning run and now the three of us were just entering the Belfountain Conservation Area – aka the park – for a stroll next to the Credit River. Roxy’s 14, so our walks are a bit shorter and more subdued than they have been in the past, but she loves to sniff and bark, and there’s lots to sniffing and barking opportunities in the park.  Read More >