Research and Reporting: Sustainability Project

GAEL, in collaboration with Sprout Educational Consulting (Sprout) conducted a comprehensive evaluation/assessment and analysis of a representative sample (n=60) of Environment Canada’s EcoAction and Environmental Damages Fund projects that have been funded between 2005 and 2009. This involved the following:

  • development of an assessment instrument;
  • a  large scale literature review;
  • consultation with Regional Managers and key Project Officers/staff;
  • Summary Report;
  • evaluation/appraisal instrument, designed to use with funding recipients.
  • interview protocols and an evaluation/appraisal instrument to interview funding recipients and assess overall project success, sustainability and critical success factors;
  • collection and analysis of survey data;
  • comprehensive assessment and evaluation protocol for collecting  factual data during projects site visits;
  • the coordination of 20 site visits in each of the five EC regions;
  • analysis of the results of all data collection;
  • Final Report and PowerPoint presentation.

Susan, working closely with Nicole, Gail and Guy, completed the project through a systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of information, and exploring and describing the activities and outcomes of these actual programs, complete with a series of  recommendations and identification of critical success factors. The data was collected through phone conversations, face to face meetings, e-mail communications, online survey participation and in person site visits, all provided in both official languages.

Perhaps the greatest outcome of the project for the team was seeing and learning about the amazing projects being undertaken throughout Canada that enhance and promote sustainability. There is hope for the future when we can all celebrate new community gardens, new learning facilities, sustainable transportation initiatives and other “green” success stories.


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