Research and Reporting: EDF

The Environmental Damages Fund (EDF) was established by the Government of Canada to manage funds received as compensation for environmental damage and is administered by Environment Canada.  These funds may come from statutory fines, discretionary court orders, out-of-court settlements and voluntary awards.  They primarily support the restoration of the natural environment and wildlife conservation projects in the same geographic area where the damage originally occurred.  The EDF also provides funding for research and development on environmental damage assessment and restoration, and education on pollution prevention, environmental sustainability and the restoration of natural resources.

GAEL was contracted to undertake a comprehensive review of all the EDF data (charges, fines, awards, and other qualitative and quantitative documentation relating to the EDF anywhere in Canada), analyze the data and develop a national performance report for fiscal year 2010. This performance report is being used as a promotional tool to showcase results of EDF activities, funded projects and performances to national, provincial and other key target audiences.

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