Change Management: NRCan

GCDOCS, the Government of Canada’s new enterprise content management program, has the potential to change the way NRCan staff manage information. It is a unique business tool that supports information and records management in the department. Recognition of the unique NRCan culture, complemented by effective mobilization of the leaders in the organization and the development of a powerful coalition of guiding change agents help all staff make the switch to GCDOCS.

Staff will adapt to the new program and learning the “point and click” details will happen over time. But managing the people side of a change is often the most challenging and critical component of an organizational transformation. It does little good to create a new organizational approach, design new work processes or implement new technologies if the people are left behind. That’s where GAEL comes in. Working with key staff all over the department, I was able to tap into that people side of change and start to make a difference. 

You see, organizations don’t change – people within organizations change. It is the cumulative impact of successful individual change that results in an organizational change being successful. If individuals don’t make changes to their day-to-day work, an organizational transformation effort will not deliver results.

So what did I do when I was working with NRCan to help generate change?

  1. I started with the GCDOCS team, to help them truly understand and embrace the change they were introducing.
  2. We established and clarified the final destination, creating a compelling vision of what NRCan would look like when everyone was using it.
  3. We found the “bright spots” where successes were happening…and we animated them and celebrated them!
  4. We worked together to figure out the critical steps – who does what…
  5. We celebrated short terms wins, and created the long term ones!

NRCan is still working out the bugs with GCDOCS, but GAEL helped create the foundation for success. That’s what we do!

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