Outreach and Engagement: Albion Hills Community Farm

The Albion Hills Community Farm & Learning Centre (AHCF)  is a non-profit farm that advances understanding of local food and sustainable agriculture through education, conservation and community partnerships. It is leading the way towards sustainable, local agriculture that serves the needs of growing near-urban communities and protects local green space and ecosystems.

The Farm marries the concepts of charitable learning with social enterprise. Located in the Town of Caledon within Ontario’s oldest conservation area and within Ontario’s Greenbelt, the AHCF is a place where students, teachers, farmers, community groups and families come together to learn about local food and farming and to foster sustainable lifestyle choices. It is the brainchild of local environmentalists and concerned citizens, with strong leadership from Barb Imrie, Karen Hutchinson, Melanie Williams and Gavin Dandy.

GAEL believes very strongly in giving back to the community,and we have worked with AHCF to help them establish a new governance structure along with two strategic planning exercises to help them shape their own future. They currently have a strong local food production/CSA available and their community gardens are first rate. The youth education programs, including summer camps and children’s learning gardens, are growing with each season.

Their vision includes a Centre for Sustainable Near-Urban Agriculture at the Albion Hills Community Farm which showcases innovative green technology and incorporates sustainable design and sustainable energy. There is more to come to celebrate the Farm’s commitment to sustainable communities!


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