Education and Training: Transport Canada Instructor Training

GAEL was contracted by Transport Canada (Civil Aviation) when they were looking for someone to help them train their trainers. The trainers are subject matter experts with responsibility for delivering courses throughout the country on transportation issues. Although the target SMEs are highly qualified, technical experts in their discipline or field, they could benefit immensely from training in instructional techniques.

GAEL was asked to design a two-day instructional techniques training program to enable TCCA SMEs to which will enable a SME to to add ‘life’ to their presentation, deliver with style, deal with questions, be a good listener, run workshops successfully, involve learners, use visual aids and illustrations, how to present technical material, develop voice control and articulation, make their presentation memorable, promote questions and manage interruptions which will include at least two practical exercises with  individual feedback.

GAEL designed a specific instructional curriculum in the form of an interactive training course for Transport Canada Civil Aviation Subject Matter Experts (SME’s), and undertook the following:

  • Delivered this instructional training course two times in the National Capital Region
  • Deliver this instructional training course three additional times at locations in Canada
  • Provided any handouts and support material necessary for all participants
  • Provided specialized and individual feedback and support to all participants, both in person and electronically
  • Conducted both formative and summative assessment and evaluation for the course and participants
  • Provided all information, including course evaluation, to the Department
  • Carried out appropriate project management and communications to ensure the course was designed and ready to be delivered at the agreed upon time, all technical issues related to delivery are addressed prior to the course presentation, and a tailored, professional product was delivered
  • Detailed communications with the Project Manager were undertaken on a weekly basis

Though this project was not directly, related to environmental activities, Susan found working with the Transport Canada SME’s amazing. They are a remarkably bright, highly dedicated group of individuals with a real passion for their work. It was a honour to be able to work along side with such a group of positive, creative and motivated people.

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