Sunk costs, adapting and connecting!

I just spent a day at a 2 day Change Management Conference. I hoped that it would provide critical and meaningful insights into change, and help shape my future as a change leader and manager. The agenda had references to a variety of exciting change specialists (Rick Maurer, John Kotter), creative thinkers (Michael Bungay Stanier)Continue reading “Sunk costs, adapting and connecting!”

Stuff That Really Matters

“And I felt a change Time meant nothing Never would again.” From “Time Warp”, by Richard O’Brien I saw a picture of my friend Kathleen today. Kathleen is the Executive Director, Chief Pooba and heart and soul of the Cleveland Restoration Society. If memory serves me correctly, we entered the world 24 days apart, soContinue reading “Stuff That Really Matters”

More than the obvious

I recently ran a Change Management Workshop. There were 15 participants, remarkably eager and interested in learning about how to help people adapt to a changing environment – in this case, a new information and records management software program. At the end of the workshop, one of the participants said: “Taking a change management workshopContinue reading “More than the obvious”

Change and Soccer: A retrospective

Change. It happens every day, all the time. We change our socks, change directions, change our plans. If we like change, we relish each new perspective. If we are anxious about change, we develop habits to maintain the status quo. But regardless, we live lives of change. I’ve learned that there is more to changeContinue reading “Change and Soccer: A retrospective”

Drop, clean and move on

Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward. Victor Kiam I have a curious habit of sitting at my desk and dropping things on the floor. I don’t mean randomly dropping things. Rather, when I am done a project, I simply drop whatever paper or items were critical to that effort onContinue reading “Drop, clean and move on”

Monkeys and Motivation

I am still working for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), helping introduce a new software system for managing, sharing, saving and storing information. I work with a team of Business Analysts, Information Management specialists and a host of others to help build the best information management solutions for each of NRCan’s business units. Our goal isContinue reading “Monkeys and Motivation”

A Change of Cast

“Just a wee change…” Like a long time golfer who takes a periodic lesson, I arranged to take a class with Ian Colin James, guide and fly casting guru, to improve my casting.  After 20 or more years of fishing, I still have things to learn…but hopefully not too much. McDougall Cottage in CambridgeContinue reading “A Change of Cast”