Marj Welch

Marj and Bobbie at Thetis Lake

The key to learning is understanding – and that’s where Marj Welch of Ermine Communications delivers her magic for GAEL. An experienced writer/editor with a background in journalism and government communications, her specialty is clear, simple language. And if there’s a deadline, she sure can deliver quickly.

Marj has spent more than 30 years as a professional writer and editor in British Columbia and Ontario so she’s done it all, but her specialty right now is the forest sector – management and markets. She has government and corporate clients across Canada, and her favourites are the ones who encourage the kind of creativity and innovation she enjoys when she is working with the GAEL team.

Marj is located in Victoria, BC, where she spends her spare time exploring some amazing beaches and neighbourhoods with her dog Bobbie. Both Marj and the mutt are volunteers with the Pacific Animal Therapy Society, and have a lot of fun while Bobbie brings joy to Victoria seniors.

Marj is,perhaps, one of the busiest people I know, yet she continually finds time to fit in work with GAEL. She makes everything we do that much better.

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