Gail Simmons

Gail Simmons thought that she had retired after thirty years spent as an English Department Head for an Eastern Ontario board of education until she met Susan Gesner and GAEL.  As both an award winning teacher and a vital part of school board administration teams, Gail has brought solid research and editing skills, along with

Gail in action!

organizational and people skills to the GAEL team.

Throughout her career she chaired numerous committees, piloted Ministry of Education changes to the provincial curriculum, devised and implemented numerous in -service workshops for staff professional development, and designed curriculum for cross-curricular literacy.

Gail’s other passions are canoeing, equestrian competition, and other outdoor activities in all seasons.  As an extension of her love of paddling in Canada’s Arctic and in other areas of Canada, she has been a principal instructor and organizer of canoe certification for her school board, and the leader of Outdoor Clubs within the board. She believes strongly that experiential learning, whether in the classroom, the conference room, or in the out of doors, is what makes knowledge meaningful, lasting and enjoyable.

Gail is a multi-talented writer, editor, program developer, trainer and facilitator; a person who looks for the positive in each person that she meets, and who finds joy in every day.  If she doesn’t have her head down working on GAEL projects, she may be found riding her horse in the bush with two dogs on the heel, or paddling her canoe on the Rideau waterway, or playing her fiddle at Barrie Martin’s winter folk camp in Haliburton.

And lucky for me, she is a part of the GAEL team!

Gail doing what she loves, with Ani and Fiona on board!

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