Antonio Pena

Antonio Pena, or Tony as I call him, is the President of KIOAXIS Inc. This company is the evolution of AMP Computer Consultants, with over 20 years in of providing its customers with solutions in software. Focusing on facilitating complete solutions for medium and small businesses, Tony specializes in solutions for a variety of markets as well as developing Internet based solutions and providing services as required to support, maintain or enhance any business needs.

Tony is a software engineer with experience as a developer, team leader, manager, and software architect developing software solutions, and most importantly to GAEL, his experience is not limited to software alone. Tony has been involved in all aspects of the product development life cycle. This includes sales, marketing, requirement gathering, design, implementation, validation, documentation, installation and training.

Tony is also an avid fly fisherman, and when we’re not collaborating on a project, he can often be found on the Credit River (or Saugeen, Maitland, Bighead, or wherever) in search of a tight line!

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