Barrie Martin

Barrie in Algonquin Park

Barrie Martin is a GAEL colleague who finds spice in the variety of life and work. Civil service, non-profit organizations, small business, and community volunteer are hats on his rack. WIth over 30 years of experience in natural resource education and training, Barrie brings a hands-on level of expertise to the GAEL team.

Barrie is a founding member of Out to Learn, a division of Glenside Ecological Services, that develops and delivers curriculum designed to foster an understanding of ecosystems and their sustainability. Barrie also owns and operates Yours Outdoors, a company that specializes in experiential tourism and offers unique adventures in art, culture, and nature in the Haliburton Highlands. It is through these two organizations that Barrie joins GAEL on our education based initiatives.

Barrie is motivated by a strong sense of community and place which is expressed through his currently involvement as President of the Haliburton County Folk Society, Vice President of the Haliburton County Community Cooperative, and advisor to the Friends of Ecological and Environmental Learning.

Keys to his success include excellent communication skills, passion for the work he does, a strong work ethic, an extensive network of friends and colleagues, and the ability to ask really, really good questions! A love of the outdoors, a wonderful family (including a lovely granddaughter), and a log home in the countryside round out the portrait of Barrie Martin.

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