Our Projects

Facilitation. Engagement. Change.

Here are a few examples of the diversity of projects that we undertake

Terms of Reference for Aggregate Rehabilitation Master Plan (RMP)

The GAEL Team  undertook the preparation of a Terms of Reference for a Rehabilitation Master Plan for the Town of Caledon. We identified key stakeholders who have a vested interest in the RMP, including provincial, regional and municipal agencies, aggregate industry representatives, Conservation Authorities, environmental NGO’s, Town of Caledon Council and staff, community groups and residents. We then engaged and consulted with them through a series of facilitated workshops and open houses, to  gather input, share information and move forward on the RMP process.

Delisting Criteria

The GAEL Team completed a comprehensive strategic planning workshop for Environment Canada and Climate Change, designed to help achieve beneficial use impairments (BUI) delisting criteria for Remedial Action Plans (RAP). The workshop, with participants from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry,  Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, and other RAP members was designed  to generate goals, objectives and tactics for delisting criteria for RAPs.

EI Workshops

GAEL facilitated two Ecological Integrity workshops with participants from Ontario Parks (OP), Regional Operations Division (ROD) and Protected Areas Section (PAS), to assist in generating ideas on Ontario’s approach (e.g. values and pressures analysis in management planning, net gain, enhanced resilience, no net loss) to maintaining and restoring ecological integrity at different scales. This also included addressing key draft elements of the strategic framework, along with the identification of a wide variety of existing and potential monitoring approaches, grouped under specific goals or themes. A conclusive Final Report was prepared, presenting the general findings and key takeaways from all workshops, along with specific recommendations for critical review and consideration.  Graphics were designed for the workshops that included agendas, infographics, timelines, and presentation slides.

Data Integration

Susan was one of two lead facilitators for the International Joint Commission (IJC) in their efforts to tackle database integration and analysis between and within the multitude of jurisdictions in both Canada and the US, and explore the specific challenges for combining health and environmental data between the two nations in the Great Lakes Basin. Stakeholders included representatives from national, provincial, state, regional and municipal organizations, including government agencies, public health agencies from both countries, research scientists, not-for-profit organizations, and individual epidemiology researchers, and others from both Canada and the U.S.

Some of our recent clients include:

Ontario Parks ; Environment Canada and Climate Change; Natural Resources Canada; Brock University; Town of Caledon; Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry; Forests Ontario; Government of Yukon; and more!

What people are saying at Susan Gesner, GAEL

“Susan led an evaluation of the www.MappingTheWay.ca public education campaign on the Yukon land claims and self-government agreements. Susan quickly developed an understanding of a complex intergovernmental landscape and provided many valuable recommendations. Susan had great communication throughout the project particularly considering that we were working together from across the country. She was very responsive and met with us regularly via Skype.” Sherri-Lynn McLellan, Aboriginal Relations, Executive Council Office – Government of Yukon


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