Ontario Parks Leadership Foundation Course

“It’s not always necessary to take the lead in order to be a leader”.

Trying to be official...massive fail!
Trying to be official…massive fail!

How powerful is that!!! It sounds like something from a Leadership website that helps people understand what makes a real leader. But it doesn’t come from a website or a book. That statement was shared by one of the first participants in the Ontario Parks Leadership Foundations Course that was held in March of 2013.

Gail and I had the honour of helping design the course, and being the chief facilitators for its initial delivery. At the end of each day, I challenged the participants to share their most important take-aways from the day. I collected the feedback and shared the highlights with everyone each morning. Those collective statements could serve as the basis for a book that explores what it takes to be a great leader. Ontario Parks potential leaders could read that book and hear the voices of these first participants as they share their stories about what they learned. It was a powerful and moving 5 days of learning for all of us!

Serious and silly learning about leaders!
Serious and silly learning about leaders!

If you’d like to learn more about this course, please contact me, or contact Ontario Parks, and explore more. There was a great deal of learning that took place, but perhaps the best part of the course was the fact that all the learning was wrapped up in hard work and fun. I think the pictures demonstrate both the work and the fun!



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