On the road again!

I love to travel. And when I get to travel for work, at least to interesting places, I love it! The Sustainability Project we did for Environment Canada was definitely a success, and it included travel. We (Gail, Guy, Nicole and Susan) were able to learn about large and small scale environmental action projects throughout Canada, visit some of these sites and meet the incredible people behind them. These folks believe, like we do, that protecting Canada’s natural environment brings a host of benefits for all Canadians. Sustaining our water quality, natural landscapes and maintaining clean air helps to ensure that we have a strong and vibrant economy, as well as helping to enhance the health and quality of life of all Canadians.

There were so many things that made this project a success, and here are just a few:

  • Traveling to BC for site visits – Victoria in the spring is exquisite, and I was able to spend a sunny day in Vancouver meeting with EC folks and drinking great coffee. Oh, I also did a site visit with a sustainable transportation organization and we had lunch after at a great little Indian restaurant!
  • Traveling to Prince Edward Island to do three site visits, and being able to have lunch with my dear friend Brenda Penak and then spend a few days in Halifax with my daughter. How lucky was I?
  • Meeting the most remarkable folks in Hamilton, Ontario who made a magical place out of an area that was previously dangerous and not so pretty.
  • Being able to sit down at a great wee coffee shop in Ottawa with Guy and Gail…these days, we all work remotely, so being able to be with each other in person is a treat.

The real highlight of the project is difficult to pin down into one experience. In truth, this was a good news project. Every site visit, every phone call, every interaction with a group who received funding was positive. Everyone knew they were making a difference in protecting the environment, and it showed in their enthusiasm to share information with us. This was definately a success story – for Environment Canada, for GAEL, for the fund recipients, and for the planet!

To learn more about Eco Action funding or the Environmental Damages Fund, check out:

Victoria Compost and Conservation Education Society (Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre)

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