Finding Beauty in the Mundane

Every few days, I think “what am I going to write about in my blog?” Usually, I take my regular walk out to the get paper and something strikes me as special, unique or otherwise worthy for sharing. This morning, I was walking while the sun was rising, and I was smitten by the beautyContinue reading “Finding Beauty in the Mundane”

Team building support!

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” Ken Blanchard I got thinking: I was listening to the CBC yesterday, and I heard the comedian Maz Jobrani discussing his new movie “Jimmy Vestwood, Amerikan Hero”, and how he is raising money through crowd funding to pay for it. (Crowd funding describes the collective effortContinue reading “Team building support!”

Pond curling lessons

For most people, the month of December means getting ready for holiday celebrations. For me, and for a fearless crew of pond curlers, it means it is getting close to the annual edition of DLIPCC (Dumbell Lake Invitational Pond Curling Championship). We anxiously await the e mail from Gary “Button Weight” Buss, Pond Curling Czar, updatingContinue reading “Pond curling lessons”

Eleanor and the sock monkeys!

You may be wondering what inspired me to finally do this social media/blog/website thingy. I blame it entirely on Eleanor Matte, fiddler, proud grandmother, musician and over all brilliant human being. I met Eleanor at the Tuesday Night fiddle sessions with Sandy MacIntyre. I realized Eleanor was one of the best fiddlers there, but moreContinue reading “Eleanor and the sock monkeys!”

Susan’s 3 Simple Steps

I’m in the middle of responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from the feds. I’ve done a million of these, and though each is different, there are plenty of similarities in approach, requirements and process. That often means I can use an old proposal as a template and customize it according to the RFP.Continue reading “Susan’s 3 Simple Steps”

Artist Response Team – a moment in time

Sometimes when I sit down at my desk to work, I get overwhelmed. The phone is ringing, the papers are piling and the keyboard is staring at me, telling me to get working. It is easy to forget that life is not made up of deadlines and projects, but, if you can pause and reflect,Continue reading “Artist Response Team – a moment in time”