I could be…

I could be anxious and pre-occupied with this constant insane hand washing. I could be totally consumed with listening to the CBC and having the %&%$ scared out of me on a regular basis. I could be paralyzed with dread, forced to sit in my house alone and not do a thing at all.

And in truth, I am all those things. Some of the time. But not all of the time.

In fact, not even most of the time. And it is because of the power of the human spirit that I am lifted out of the “blue” that this virus has put us all in, and I am celebrating things (well, trying my best) that I might have ignored a few weeks ago.

If you have read any of my (now rare) blog posts, you could reflect on January of 2015 where I wrote about the first time my daughter Jaime didn’t come “home” for Christmas. Her Dad went out to see her in Victoria, and she sent me home a small green leather journal as a gift. I have used that journal and subsequent others to record wonderful things. Each morning, I sit down with my coffee and reflect on the day before, capturing and writing down one or two things that made me smile and brought me joy, or made me pause and be grateful.

It seems like a good time to remind myself that, even in these strange and bizarre days that we are all experiencing, when I can’t go hug my 93 year old Dad, or hop on a plane to go see Jaime, or even go downtown to see Rory,

I constantly discover wonderful (but sometimes hidden) moments in each day.

Here’s just a few:

This morning, I got a call from Sigrid. A million years ago, I coached Sigrid’s daughter in soccer, so I knew her as one of the soccer moms. Then when I had to sell my house, I asked to help me because I knew she was a good, kind and successful real estate agent. From there, we went on occasional bike rides together, but then life just got in the way. But a few days ago, Sigrid called me, simply to reach out for a happy connection! Without Covid 19, I am sure we would have gone even more years without talking to each other. I am still smiling about that.

I have a new love in my life….Isla P! She’s a 7 ½ month old red heeler, and she makes me smile every day, when she’s not driving me crazy with her puppy antics. Friday, to burn off some energy, we went to the empty school playground and I let her loose. She found a soccer ball, and she clearly has inherited some of Jaime’s footy prowess! She LOVES playing with a soccer ball now, and she had me in stitches!

Sunday, I drove down to Burlington to drop off somebooks for my Dad at his senior’s residence. I can’t go in to visit, but Isla and I went around to the back of his building and looked in the windows at the dining room….where I saw him! I banged on the window, Isla and I danced around, and my Dad gave me the best smile he’s even given me!

And all the small things – Lib, giving me a dozen eggs! Or getting a note from my wonderful friend Julia with pictures of her most amazing kids. Or learning that Devonne made it safely back to Nova Scotia from Italy….that was a HUGE relief. I could go on and on and on…

It is so very, very easy to dwell on the problems, setbacks and tragedies…if you are reading this, I imagine you immediately think about some that touch your life directly. I ask you; no, I challenge you to stop for a moment every day and think of the good bits.

Live each day consciously searching for those good bits. Then think about them, dwell on them and revel in those moments of joy.

It could be something huge like a new contract or a way to work remotely that is incredibly successful. Or it could be something seemingly inconsequential, like answering the phone and finding your own Sigrid calling, just to connect. But whatever you do, take a deep breath and think about the good.

It will help to heal our collective souls.

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A skilled professional with a wealth of experience in a variety of facilitation, consultation, education and research fields. I am known for my leadership, strong interpersonal skills and my ability to bring teams together for a common goal. I strive to incorporate my own and other's passion for the environment and sustainability for the future. Oh, and I love to run, fly fish, ski and make music!

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  1. I google about most things these days and this was today’s ahhh moment

    dog dancing is a great way to wiggle out of a sad moment and I wish I had one for a bit

    today’s yippee was I washed my HAIR – first time in a long while [October] and remembered how much I love the smell of shampoo and love feeling hair – only a cm long but I got some and felt today was to day – all clean and ready to face the world 1 window at a time

    On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 5:22 PM Gesner and Associates wrote:

    > Susan Gesner posted: ” I could be anxious and pre-occupied with this > constant insane hand washing. I could be totally consumed with listening to > the CBC and having the %&%$ scared out of me on a regular basis. I could be > paralyzed with dread, forced to sit in my house alon” >

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