Linked In thoughts

Okay, so I’ve had this site up just a brief period of time, but I’ve been putting a lot of effort into learning how to add pages, posts, pictures and all that this requires. In doing so, I have been able to think and focus more on the business end of my business than I have in a long time. Perhaps it’s the energy I’m generating thinking about it, or perhaps it is something more. But I must admit, I find it most interesting that I’ve never had anyone endorse me for work on Linked In until I started to work on this site.

I haven’t used the Linked In website much, other than to search out friends and colleagues. Now I find those friends and colleagues are searching me out and actively supporting me. How delightful (and supportive) is that? Many thanks for Merebeth Switzer, James Raffan, Barry LeDrew, Gerarda Parrott, Tim Grant, Garry Enns, Barb Elliot, Robert Laurie and Rick Wishart for taking the time to comment on my skills and expertise. It is much appreciated!

I am curious about Linked In. How many people out there use it? Or use it as a critical business tool? And how do you use it? Please share your thoughts with me so I can a) pass them on, and b) benefit from them!



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