Creating this website and associated blog is in many ways a selfish thing. Like any other independent environmental consultant out there, I am trying to increase my business opportunities, market my company and brand, and be a bit more selective about the projects we undertake. At the same time, I’m exploring other organizations, agencies and companies, and this site provides me with an opportunity to showcase others who are working towards the same goals as we are at GAEL.

I sent out a note to Redbird Communications today. Carol Vincent runs her company out of Victoria, B.C., and is dedicated to helping clients create ‘healthy people’ and ‘healthy places’, by raising awareness and changing behaviours. They do this by doing what you’d expect in a communications firm: strategic planning, copy editing, creating programs, slogans, all while using their powers for good — to come up with clever names, powerful logos, snappy slogans, provocative print ads, laugh-out-loud radio, compelling television, outrageous outdoor, eye-catching packaging, and viral videos. All of this is wrapped up in a real commitment to environmental sustainability, which attracted me in the first place. 

When I sent off a letter inquiring about possible collaborative opportunities, I admit that I did not anticipate an answer. So many firms don’t even bother to read e mails or letters any more. Not Redbird. Carol sent me back a note hours after I sent mine. She made it clear that she doesn’t do a lot of work in eastern Canada, but perhaps coffee would be on tap when I head out to Victoria in the new year.

A polite, friendly and personal response to an inquiry is a professional and class act. Check out Redbird if you are based out west and need a new communications tool. I am confident you will get a grand reception and positive results!

Published by Susan Gesner

A skilled professional with a wealth of experience in a variety of facilitation, consultation, education and research fields. I am known for my leadership, strong interpersonal skills and my ability to bring teams together for a common goal. I strive to incorporate my own and other's passion for the environment and sustainability for the future. Oh, and I love to run, fly fish, ski and make music!

One thought on “Redbird

  1. Thanks for this, Susan — what a pleasant surprise! And a great way to build strategic alliances. Looking forward to meeting you in person…

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